Welcome to the Ayrshire World Wars Casualty Databases

Indexed information recorded in the database.

Surname = surname of soldier
Forename = First name of soldier
Date = Date of issue entry appears in
Location = Town of soldier
Events = A, B, D, E, F, H, L, M, N, P, R, W
Misc = Data to identify person or family, NP means No Photograph, P means there is a Photograph

List of Event Codes

A = Article
B = Back on Duty
D = Death
E = Enlisted *includes promotions & honours
F = Family Photograph
H = Home
L = Leave
M = Missing
N = War Notes
P = Prisoner
R = Mentioned
W = Wounded

Notes :-

Some articles are in the War Notes or under Town or Military notes for that town. Some mention the enlistment number of the soldier. Entries are not always listed together - can be on separate pages or under different columns. Also check same date in the Fullarton Times.

Rank Codes

AB = Able Bodied
Bdr = Bombardier
Clr = Colour
Cpl = Corporal
CPO = Chief Petty Officer
Cpt = Captain
CO = Commanding Officer
Col = Colonel
Coy = Company
Gen = General
Lce = Lance
Lt = Lieutent
Mjr = Major
Paym = Paymaster
PO = Petty Officer
Pte = Private
Sgt = Sergeant

Regiment Codes

AC = Australian Contingent
AIF = Australian Imperial Forces
AIY = Ayrshire Imperial Yeomanry
AYR = Ayrshire Yeomanry Reserve
ALH = Australian Light Horse
BW = Black Watch
CC = Canadian Contingent
CEF = Canadian Expeditionary Force
CH = Cameron Highlanders
EF = Expeditionary Force
GH = Gordon Highlanders
GH = Glasgow Highlanders
HMN = Navy
IA = Indian Army
IEF = Indian Expeditionary Forces
KOSB = Kings Own Scottish Borderers
KRR = Kings Royal Rifles
LCH = Lochiels Cameron Highlanders
LS = London Scottish
RE = Royal Engineers
RFA = Royal Field Artillery
RH = Royal Highlanders
RM = Royal Marines
RFA = Royal Field Artilery
RIF = Royal Irish Rifles
RSF = Royal Scots Fusiliers
RSG = Royal Scots Greys
SG = Scots Guards
SR = Scottish Rifles
SH = Seaforth Highlanders
TT = Toronto Territorials

MP = Member of Parliament
NA = North Ayrshire
VC = Victory Cross

Photographs of Army Regiments found in the Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald

Ayrshire Yeomanry Machine Gun Section - Photograph 22-01-1915
5th Royal Scots Fusiliers - Photograph 29-01-1915
Cooking Staff of 1st Line of 2nd Lowland Brigade RFA
2-4th Battalions RSF Football Team 02-04-1915
D Company 15th HLI Photograph 07-05-1915
4th Royal Scots Fusiliers (Saltcoats Company) 25/06/1915
British Prisoners No. 10 Hut Doberitz Germany 16/07/1915
Saltcoats Coy 2/4th RSF Rumbling Bridge Camp 16/07/1915
1st Line Ammunition Column 1/2nd Lowland Brigade RSF 03/09/1915
HMS Pactolus Football Team 08/10/1915
Irvine Battery of Territorial Artillery the 1st Ayrshire 10/12/1915
2nd Black Watch - Daurlinton Squad 11/02/1916
2nd Lowland Brigade RFA - Ardrossan Battery 17/03/1916
1/4 & 1/5 RSF Ayrshire Soldiers at Duirdar 28/07/1916
260th Brigade RFA Ammuntion Column Football Eleven 29/09/1916
Ardrossan Volunteers 22/02/1918

Photographs of Army Regiments found in the Fullarton Times

2nd Lowland Brigade R.F.A. Ammunitition Column 21-08-1914
1st Volunteer Active Service Company served in South Africa now with RSF Lowland Division 02-10-1914
Imperial Service Battalion RSF 16-10-1914

World War One Database has nearly 4,000 indexed entries, released 10 Nov 2004.

World War Two Database has nearly 500 indexed entries, released 01 Sept 2005.

In WWII the majority of intimations directly related to the war are in with the other intimations in the Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald for that time period - available on this site.

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