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The Ayrshire Surname Index was originally started by Stephen Browning and then taken over by the late Iain Kerr. Iain`s family kindly gave permission for the database to be transferred here. The database is searchable online and you can now add new entries to it online.

Indexed information in the database.

Forename = first name of applicant
Surname = surname of applicant
Town or Village = Town or Village
Parish = Parish
Period = years covered
Email Address = address of submitter
Website Address = website of submitter [optional]

After logging in with your username and password, you can either search the database or add your entries to the database.

To Search - 1) enter the surname only to find all entries with that name
2) enter a forename with a surname to locate a particular individual.

To Add your submissions - 1) Enter how many names you want to add
2) add the information for each surname 3) click to confirm

Submission Guidelines:

Please note that this database is ONLY intended for surnames being researched within Ayrshire, Arran & the Cumbraes.

Multiple submissions may be added online.

You will be asked for the following fields;

Town or Village
Email Address
Website [optional]

These will be the ONLY fields accepted to the database.

Please enter the surname in upper case ie SMITH. If there are variants to the name, please enter as SMITH/SMYTH

If the surname has two completely different forms of spelling ie WREN/RANN, please submit a different entry for each one.

If you do not have a specific area of research in Ayrshire, please insert - All locations.

Please do not use days and months in the date format. Use years only.

Please take the time to check your entry or entries before clicking to proceed.

You need your own password before you can use the database. If you already have a password and username from the Poor Relief Database then you do not need to apply for another. If this is your first time using the database please click here to register your username and password. Once you have your username and password after logging in you will go straight to the database. Please put your username/password in lower case ie john doe. You will be sent an email to confirm your address - click on the link to confirm your registration.

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Please check back often as more people are adding their data.

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